Soviet School Uniform: Garments--Shirt

Figure 1.--This is the standard Soviet boys' school uniform worn during the 1980s. The white shirt here has a badge on it. We think this is a Pioneer badge rather than a school badge. Notice the red Pioneer neckerchief.

Here we see the white school shirt and red Pioneer neckerchief. The white shirt is 100 percent cotton, meaning it had to be ironed. It was a long sleeved shirt with pointed collar tips. The buttons look be translucent plastic. This shirt had a Young Pioneer badge on it. That means that it would be worn on days that Young Pioneer activities were planned at school. I believe that most boys had plain white shirts for most days, but this needs to be confirmed. The neckerchief, however, was normally worn every day.


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Created: 11:19 PM 6/9/2005
Last updated: 11:19 PM 6/9/2005