Belgian Schoolwear Garments: Sailor Suits

Figure 1.--Note the variety of collars in this school photograph taken about 1925. One boy looks to be wearing an Eton collar with a kinf of string boy, another boy wears a sailor collar, and the other a wide open collar. 

Sailor suits were very common in the late 19th and early 20th century. We believe that boys very commonly wore them to school, even younger teengaers. They declined in popularity after World War I (1914-18), but were still widely worn in the 1920s. Most boys wore kneepants or short pants sailor suits. Sailor suits with knickers were lesscommon. They were normally worn with long stockings or kneesocks. Both blue and white suits were worn. They was a much wider variety of styling than was common in America.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: August 16, 2000
Last updated: May 11, 2002