English 1950s School Uniform Trends: Regulations

Figure 1.--This is a second form class at a British secondary school in 1958. We are not sure what kind of secondary school it was. The children would be 12-13 years old. The school clearly had a uniform, but it was not very strictly enforced.

Schools with uniforms varied as regards the rigor with which the uniform was enforced. We note considerable varition in schools during the early 1950s. We supect that this may be in part due to the still difficult economic conditions following World War II. Some schools had students which wore school uniform garments, but not necesarily the soecific ones adopted by their school. Other students did not wear school uniform garments at all. School uniform compliance seems much more established by the late 1950s. Economic conditions may not be the only factor. Some school administrators may have been less concerned with uniforms. Generally speaking, however, British schools with uniforms seem to have enforced the regulations rather strictly.


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Created: May 4, 2004
Last updated: May 4, 2004