English School Uniform: School Trip (1962)

Figure 1.--Stonehenge is a popular site for school field trips in Britain. A HBC reader recalls his school trip in 1962 which included a stop at Stonehenge. Notice the size of the stones.

A HBC reader has provided us an account of his school trip in 1962. He writes, "This is lunchtime on Wednesday, March 28th, 1962 I know that because I still have my school trip diary. I was 11 and we were going on a school holiday to Devon for a fortnight but in full school uniform. We stopped at Stonehenge to eat our packed lunches and, no doubt, to take in a bit of history. Notice the gabardine raincoat (double breasted with belt), school cap, shirt, tie, knee socks with stripes and the lace up shoes. Unseen is my blazer and very short trousers. This was a really relaxed holiday atmosphere! A classmate had a camera and took this snap of me before I even took off my gloves to open the sandwiches. My God, it was cold on Salisbury Plain at that time of year and even worse in the clifftop holiday camp we stayed in just outside of Brixham. Im sure it was an old army barracks painted up for us civvies. We were allowed to take off certain uniform items for some of our activities not much in the way of beach activities to do but I do remember damming up a sewage outfall pipe however, for the visit to a warship in Plymouth (Devonport Naval Base) we were marched around like troops being sent to the front. This comes from a tiny contact print which I have scanned and enlarged the best I can. If I tried to set up a similar shot with my grandchildren I would probably be accused of endangering a World Heritage site and slung out!"


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