Eton School: 4 of June

Figure 2.--Here Eton boys are celebrating the 4th of June about 2000. Many of the uniforms are not unlike those worn 100 years ago.

Eton hold its principal annual celebration on the 4th of June which is the birthday of King George III, who had a special fondness for the school. While the event is called the 4th of June, it is rarely held exactly on that day. This is the speech-day. After the official ceremonies at the school a procession of boats takes place on the Thames. In the sport Eton occupies a unique position among the public schools in the sport of rowing. A large proportion of the oarsmen in the annual Oxford and Cambridge boat-race are traditionally Etonian alumni.

Individual Eton Boys

Some information on Eton boys in their 4 of June outfits:

W.C. Bryce (about 1905)

G.V. Stokes (1900s)

Christopher Wagner

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Created: November 5, 2002
Last updated: November 5, 2002