English School Clothes: Jack Summers (1934-37)

Figure 1.--Here we se see Jack Summers with his friend Edgar Jones at Park Place in 1934. Click on the image to see Jack a few years later with another friend..

Here we have two photographs of Jack Summers with two different school friends in 1934 and 1937. The photographs were taken at Park Parade in London. A street photographer apparently worked there for many years. His photographs had a mount with the label "Sunny Snaps". Apparently in the 1930s there were photographers who set up at different spots in London and other English cities. I think this was also common in other European countries. It seems to me I have noiticed these photoigraohers in French parks. I'm less sure about America, but have noted them at tourist locations. The photographer here seems to have just chosen a busy city street. I think this becane much less common after World War II. The first photograph showed Jack (1932-38) with Edgar Jones (1933-38) and a dog (figure 1). I'm not sure what the dates in parenthesis mean, perhaps the years the boys were at school. The photograph is un poor condition, but is a good example of these street photographs. Another photograph, apparently by the same street photograoher, shows Jack with Fred Adams (1933-38) a few years later in 1937. This photograph was also taken in Parl Parade and is marked "Royal Oak to the left". I'm not sure what Royal Oak means.


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