School Uniform Garment Regulations: England

Figure 1.--At this English grammar school, probably in the early 1970s, boys wearing shorts could wear open neck shirts, but boys wearing long trousers had to wear ties.

Many of the specific uniform regulations concerned specific garments. These regulations have varied over time and among schools. Some of the most contentious regulations concerned school caps and trousers. At many prep schools all the boys wore caps. At secondary schools, generally the junior boys wore caps, but this varied over time. Many prep schools and state elenentary schhools have required short ttousers as did some secondary schools--but usually just for the junior boys. Ties could vary substantially and were often used to reflect position in school or some kind of academic or athletic honor. Ties were optional at some schools, after World War II. Some schools allowed boys wearing shorts to wear open necked shorts while boys weating long trousers had to wear ties. Destinctions in the blazers such as piping or buttons could reflect status at the school. Some schools insisted on very specific colors and brand of school wear while other schools were willing to accept considerable differences in shade and material. While regulations on some garments were very specific, many schools allowed considerable variation in kneesocks. Some also allowed some variation in footwear.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: October 30, 2001
Last updated: October 30, 2001