NAZI Education: Gender Differences

Figure 1.--

Hitler in 1935 told the German people, "In the Germanic nations there has never been anything else than equality of rights for women. Both sexes have their rights, their tasks, and these tasks were in the case of each equal in dignity and value, and therefore man and woman were on an equality." This of course meant that there were very different expectations and demands for boys and girls in the Third Reich.


The NAZIs educated girls to become good housewives and mothers. Girls didn't take a foreign language and they learned math and science which correlated with the needs for cooking and childcare that they would one day be doing. This was an attempt to keep women out of the workforce. Women had only one future and it could be summed up in three basic words "Church, Children, and Cooking". [Modern World History.] Girls were taught to marry at a young age. Women were to live for their husband and to help preserve the Aryan race by marrying an Aryan. They were taught the correct racial characteristics to look for in a mate. [History Learning Site.] Goebbels, ho had considereable dificulty with his wife, explained in 1929 , "The mission of women is to be beautiful and to bring children into the world. This is not at all as ... unmodern as it sounds. The female bird pretties herself for her mate and hatches eggs for him. In exchange, the male takes care of gathering food, and stands guard and wards off the enemy." Joseph Goebbels, 1929. [History Learning Site.]


Boys were brought up to work and to serve as soldiers. Men were to be the protectors of the home. Boys were given more educational options than women. They studied science and mathematics extensively. They were encouraged to attend universities and earn a degree. [Modern World History.] Boys were raised as future Aryan heroes. They were to be masters of the house. They, also, were given descriptions of what to look for in their mate: Every Aryan hero should marry only a blonde Aryan woman with blue, wide-open eyes, a long oval face, a pink and white skin, a narrow nose, a small mouth. A blonde blue-eyed man must marry no brunette, no Mediterranean-type woman with short legs, black legs. hooked nose, full lips, a large mouth and an inclination to plumpness. A blonde blue eyed Aryan hero must marry no Negroid-type of woman with the well known Negroid head and thin body. The Aryan hero must marry only his equal Aryan woman, but not one who goes out too much or likes theatres, entertainment or sport, or who cares to be seen outside her house. [Das Wissen der Na ton, 1934, Women and Girls.]


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Christopher Wagner

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