Zuckertute/Schultüten: The Cone

Figure 1.--This German boy was photographed with a huge Zukertute. It is what we would call a really impressive cone. A reader writes, "He knows that. Look at his face. He is smiling from one ear to the other." This is the largest cone I have ever seen. The portrait is undated, but we would guess was taken about 1905-10.

We are not sure how this cone tradition developed. We also do not know just why a cone shape container was adopted, but all the the available images show boys and girls with these cone-shaped Zuckertüten. The cones vary greatly in size and are decorated in various ways. Most are about the same size. At least most of the images we have found show simiarly sized cones within a defined range. Class portraits confirm that the cones were commonly about the same size. Not all, however, were these standard sizes. Some of the cones are nearly as large as the child. Other cones are quite small. There was also a wide range of decorations. There are both home-made and store bought cones. A German reader writes, " The normal way is that the parents buy an empty cone and fill it with things. There are cases that parents make the cones themself. Then the cone can be decorated very personal. My kindergarden-cone was selfmade: orange cone, blue crepe paper at the top, and decorated with black cats. (I wanted it because I love cats)."


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