Japanese School Uniform: Chin Straps--Rules

Figure 1.--Here we see a primary school that did not have a uniform, but insisted that the children wear caps use the chin straps with these caps. Note that the caps were red/whit reversible caps.

We note that some children from the same school wear their caps with chin straps and some do not. Presumably this means that the caps come with chin straps and some childreb choose to wear them and others choes not to do so. We do not have details on uniform regulations at specific schools. It is clear, however, that some schools insisted the boys wear their chin straps. We see somw scenes where all the children are wearing their caps with the chin straps. This almost certainly means that the school insisted. Some Japanese readers have mentioined to us that some schools did insist on this. While at some schoools all the children wear their caps with the chin straps, at other schools thre olfder children tend to wear their caps without the chin straps. It is difficult to tell, but it seems when optional the children, at least the boys, tended not to use the chin straps. We are less sure about the girls.


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