Japanese School Uniforms Kneesocks: Color

Figure 1.--This Japanese school had the traditional Prussian cadet uniform which was strictly enforced. All the boys had to wear kneesovcks to match their jacket and shorts. Boys could, however, wear either kneesocks or ankle socks.

The most common color is white kneesocks, but navy blue or black kneesocks are also common and grey are sometimes worn. We have noted grey kneesocks being worn with short pants at dsome schools which did not have uniforms. Actually grey kneesocks were commonly worn by Japanese boys. but just not as parts of school uniforms. I am not sure why grey was not a popular color for school uniforms. Perhaps it was because so many schools adopted blue rather than grey short pants for school unifoirm. Generally the schools with uniforms chose white or navy blue kneesocks. Other colors were not common. Usually a color was set by the school. At some schools the boys might be able to wear either blue or white kneesocks with their uniform, most other colors would be considered inappropriate and thus not be permitted.


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Created: May 9, 2004
Last updated: May 9, 2004