New Zealand School Uniform: Popularity

Figure 1.--Many New Zealand schools have very simple, comfortable-looking uniforms for the Summer. This is a style of Summer uniform that is very common in New Zealand. This is a state school on South Island.

School uniform became an integral part of New Zealand education. New Zealand schools generally continued to require a formal school uniform long after uniforms had disappeared in many European countries and had been deemphazized in England. Most New Zealand secondary schools continue to require uniforms, but a much more casual one tham was common as recently as the 1970s. Caps have disappeared. Blazers are generally worn only by the senior boys or for special occasions. Shorts are increasingly required only for the younger secondary boys. Several schools have dropped the uniform requirement alltogether. But most retain them. They are especially popular with parents, but not so popular with the students. The more casual approach was meant to make the uniforms more functional. Many students do not like the idea of uniforms regardless of the nature of the uniform. While not the majority opinion, some students appreciate the convenience ofthe school uniform. Some are a litle shy about expressing this point of view.


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Created: November 21, 2003
Last updated: November 21, 2003