Australian School Uniform: Individual Schools--Aberdale Boys Grammar School

Figure 1.-- This class photograph at the Aberdale Boys Grammar School was taken in 1957. A grammar school was a selective school rquiring the boys to do well in a competive test. Gradually many of the grammar schools went private because the Labour Party objective to competition and selection. /i>

We do not know a great deal about the history of the Aberdale Boys Grammar School. I'm nor sure what the rules were at first, but became a selective school which required good scores on the 11-plus examination to enter. This was the same systen as in Britain.It was founded in 1896. It seems to have been a very small school when initially founded. The uniform appears to have been at first rather flexible, but by the 1950s was quite formal. While we do not have detailed information about the school history, the school does have a wonderful internet website with photographs, copies of the magazine, and all kinds of other information of historical interest.


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