Soviet School Uniform: Post Stalinist Era--Young Pioneers (1960s-80s)

Figure 1.--This portrait was taken in 1989. As with many such photographs, we are unsure if it is a school or Young Pioneer outing or photograph. As the Pioneers were organized around school classess it is difficult to destinguish the two.

We note some many Soviet portraits in the 1970s and 80s that we are able to easily destinguish between school prtraits and Young Pioneer portraits. Some images are are onvious because of the setting. Others are very difficult to destinguish. This is in part because the school uniform and the Young Pioneer uniform were the same. In addition, the Young Pioneers were organized at the school level. Thus on trips away from school we are often not sure if we are looking at a school or Pioneer uniform. Hopefully our Russian readers will provide some insights on this portrait.


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Created: May 29, 2004
Last updated: May 29, 2004