Swiss School Uniforms: School Types

Figure 1.--.

State schools did not normally establish a specific style, but some private schools did. There are quite a lot of private schools in Switzerland of various sizes from tiny to very big. Most of them are catholic, many being as well boarding schools which explains why most of the schools were single gender schools. Some are only for primary level, some include primary and secondary level. In any case they have to follow strictly the cantonal education program, except for religious education that obviously is included in program. They would also accept pupils of another religion which of course was unusual as the parents did choose such private school for the quality of the human and religious education. The private schools never had specific uniform clothing requirements except in the French speaking part where smocks were sometimes compulsory (either same style/colour or free choice) for both boys and girls, even at secondary levels. This practice has now disappeared (around 1980). Today in Swiss schools there are fewer differences from canton to canton.


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