School Uniform:  Unidentified Images

Figure 1.--We are unsure where the school pictured here is located. The boys look to be European, presumably English. The photograph looks to have been taken in the 1967s. We think. however, that these boys may be from a South African school. Khaki short pants were especially common in South Africa. Another possibility is Kenys. 

Here we have a photograph of boys in a senior school, clearly a private secondary school. The uniforms do not look right to us for England or Ausustralia and New Zealand. We are more likely to guess that it is South African. Another possibility is Kenyan. The khaki shorts and kneesocks are the principal reason we believev this is a Souyh African or Kenyan school. We are also unsure about the date of the photograph. Here we think the 1970s is the modst likely date. The color image and the jumper with color detailing suggests to us that it would not have beren taken earlier.


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