English School Uniform: School Cap Colors

Figure 1.--These prep school boys wear purple colored caps with their grey suit school uniform. Note the purple is repeaed on the school tie, the trim of their jumpers, and the colored bands on their kneesocks.

School caps came in a huge variety of colors and color combinations. Some colors were more common than others. The most common caps were solid colors Blue caps were especially popular. Curiously while grey was a color associated with schoolwear, grey caps were less common. There were in addition to solid colors, various color combinations in different patterns. Here wedges and circles were the most common. Wjile grey caps were not common, grey was often mployed in these pattern caps. Conventions concerning the color varied from school to school. The most common convention for caps was wearing caps which matched the blazer colors. An exception was often made in the case of boys wearing grey suits who commonly wore colored caps. A few schools had both grey suits and colored blazers. Often the colored cap was worn with both the blazer and grey suit.


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