Japanese Bright Colored Caps: Idetification

Figure 1.--The children at this Japanese school wear red caps with their blue blazers and blue short pants and skirts. The red caps help to make this group stand out and the chilfren easy to identify.

Another purpose of the brightly colored caps was to help identify the children, especially on school trips. Many Japanese schools had blue uniforms, blue jackets, white shirts, and blue shorts. This made it hard to keep the children in sight, especially when trips were made to museums and parks where other school groups might be present. Thus the brightly colored caps made it much easier to keep track of school groups. Unlike the very similar uniforms, the caps were more varied and thus easy to spot the children in a school group with a quick glance. Some schools chose caps like blue caps to match the rest of the uniform, but brightly colored caps that did not match the rest of the uniform was a popular alternative at many schools.


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