Japanese Bright Colored Caps: Colors

Figure 1.--The children at this Japanese school wear red caps. They are useful both for saftey reasons and to help identify the children on school outings.

Yellow school caps in Japan are strongly associated with younger children and school saftey. Yeloow is not, however, the only color. We have also noted other bright colors such as red and orange. We are not sure about the relative importance of these different colors. Nor do we know if preferences have changed over time.Some schools have caps more in keeping wiyh uniform colors, often blue. Other schools emphasize the bright saftey colors. This includes both schools with and wuthout uniforms. The cap saftey colors are used regardless of the uniform colors by many schools. Thus boys weaeing the bright colored caps continue to wear standard uniforms, primarily white shirts and blue shorts. We know of now schools which have attempted to adapt these bright colors to the rest of the uniform. One might think one single color like yellow might be useful. The different colors, however, have an advantage in idebtifying thge children. This is especially true on school outings and because so many schools have similar uniforms. Thus the different colored caps are useful in keeping track of the children on school outings.


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