Figure 1.--Japanese boys do not normally wear neckties at primary schools. Boys at this private school which have a British-style uniform do wear ties.

School Uniform Garments: The School Tie--Japan

Japanese boys do not normally wear neckties at primary schools. We know of one primary school, however, where ties are worn. The boys are from a private school. It is an all boy's school connected to a university with Anglican/English affiliations; the primary uniform is clearly inspired by British boys school uniforms. The unifom also features peaked cap, gray shortpants suit, white shirt, navy knee socks, red tie, black shoes, regulation navy overcoat. Some of the boys wear overcoats. Neckties are not required in the summer at this school. A number of secondary schools do, however, require neckties. This is a realtively recent phenomenon. Most Japanese boys used to wear high-colared Pussian military unifrms at secondary schools. Japanese secondary schools are now gradually shiting to uniforms with British-style blazers and ties. Uniformed secondary schools that no longer have the old Prussian cadet uniform typically require some form of (longpants) suit or jacket and slacks with tie. Some schools dispense with the tie requirement in the summer; others continue to require it (typically worn with short sleeved white shirt).


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