Lederhosen Clothing: Hosiery--Kneesocks

Figure 1.-- It was once common for German boys to wear lederhosen with kneesocks. Fewer boys in Germany and many other countries by the 2000s wear kneesocks.

Knee socks are commonly associated with lederhosen in the public mind. Many images of boys wearing lederhosen, especially German and Austraian boys, show them wearing kneesocks with their lederhosen. This is especially true of boys wearing lederhosen with folks and dressy outfits. This is also true of lederhosen worn to school. We note many if not most images of German boys wearing lederhosen before the 1950s wearing them with keesocks. This was also common in the 1950s. A good example is two brothers probably photographed around 1950. The popularity of knee socks declined in the 1960s as kneesocks became less popular for boys. Even so, when dressing up such was wearing lederhosen with aBavarian jacket, kneesocks were often worn.


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Created: March 18, 2004
Last updated: 3:08 AM 10/21/2005