Ice Hockey: Boys' Life Story (January 1932)

Figure 1.--This illustration from "Boys Life" appeared in 1932. Notice the short cut uniform pants. We are not sure if they are wearing special athletic long stockings are just the regular long stockings worn by children at the time. The illustrator was Louis Schroeder.

An illustration for a hockey story in Boys Life (January 1932, p. 5.) shows the boys playing in a short pants uniform. Of course illustrations are not as definitive as actual photographs. The illustration is by Louis G. Schroeder, one of the illustrators whose work commonly appeared in the Boy Scout magazine, Boys' Life. This illustration appeared in Boys' Life to accompany a short story by the well-known boys' adventure story author, Paschal N. [Neilson] Strong, who sometimes wrote under the pseudonymn Kennedy Lyons. The story concerns a heroic boy who played hockey with only one arm (see the boy at the far right of the picture). The illustration depicts quite accurately boys' ice hockey uniforms in the early 1930s. Notice that the shorts are much shorter tham modern hockey uniforms. The stockings are very long. I am not sure, however, if they are special athletic stockings are just the normal long stockings worn at the time. A reader writes, "These are sports stockings especially for hockey, I think--a lot heavier and coarser in weave than ordinary long stockings worn for regular occasions. One of the boys seems to have a stripe around the lower leg." The players (unlike modern hockey players) wear hardly any padding to protect themselves. I have been able to find out almost nothing about the illustrator (Louis Schroeder) apart from his work as an illustrator for Boys' Life.


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