Soccer Uniforms: Indoor Football (Soccer)

Figure 1.--Here is an image of boys participating in indoor soccer. Their uniforms are identical with outdoor soccer leagues, except for the shoes. I'm not posiitive where this photograph was taken, but believe it is American.

Soccer has been persued as a summer war weather game. This of course because it was an open field game which could not be played in the Winter with snow and hard ground. The spread of soccer to tropical countries meant that it could be played year round. Seasonal weather conditions in countries at northern lattitudes, however, continue to limited soccer play in Europe and North America. One solution is indoor soccer. There are two types of indoor soccer games, one is played in basketball gyms and the second indoor game is played off-the-wall where the arena has special turf like some of the college and professional football fields that look like real grass, but it man made and wall like the hockey arenas. The first indoor soccer game was started in Brazil and became popular here in America during the 1980s. It uses a smaller ball and is weighted, but it is fast. The number of players are five or six and the goal is fairly small. Kids love it and it is usually played in the winter season. The second indoor game is off=the-wall and usually the arena is larger and the ball is the same as a regular soccer ball. Very fast game and the ball bounces off the wall. A reader tells us , "There are several arenas in my area just for this game and they are booked for 18 hours of the day. Both indoor games have large following and league games are played from the very young (5 years olds) to adult leagues of men, women and combine men and women. You have to get in line to reserve your space, because the demand is big. In my local area of Sonoma County they number around three to four thousand players." As far as we know, uniforms are identical with outdoors soccer uniforms. One major didderence is of course the shoes.


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Created: May 18, 2004
Last updated: 6:06 PM 6/8/2005