saddle shoes: an American highschool account, the 1950s

Saddle Shoes at High School in the 1950s

The saddle shoe walk was when my buddy's and I would watch the girls walk down the street in there new saddle shoes. The shoes, especially when new, were very hard and stiff to walk in and they would walk with short strides.

One of these girls I had a crush for was quite tall for a girl, was looking great in her new saddles and white knee socks. I told her I liked her shoes, she smiled and laughed at me and said if I liked them so much maybe I should get a pair my self .... I thought that was a funny thing to say since they were girls shoes. I corrected her and said I liked them on her feet. Well she said would you at least retie my shoes I believe they should be tied a little tighter. Not saying another word I bent over and tied her shoes, this time tighter. She smiled and said thanks .... This began a nice long relationship.

I was introduced to black and white saddle shoes with white soles and heels made by Willites. They were a lot of fun to wear out with my friends. The other boys liked the saddles with the black soles. We wore jeans and white T shirts with our saddles. They were very very popular shoes worn when growing up. I think there was only black and white or blue and white saddles. We were all in our teens and in highschool at the time. Of course some of the younger kids wore them but it was mostly worn by the older kids. We liked them because they were popular shoes to wear and because we thought they looked great on our feet.

Figure 1.--.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: September 23, 2000
Last updated: September 23, 2000