Boys' Strap Shoes: Heels

Figure 1.--We see the boy is this Christmas postcard wearing strap shoes with rather high heels. We think this is costuming rather shoes commonly worn by boys. We are not sure if the card here is Dutch or German.

We do not have much information about the heels used on strap shoes. We have noted a few catalog ads where the shoes were offered with or without heels. I think the normal convention was a very low heel. Some sandals I think came without heels, but normall strap shoes came with heels, albeit low heels. We have seem some strap shoes with substantial heels, but most of these shoes seem to appear in commercial post cards or other costume events rather than the normal strap shoes that children wore.


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Created: 11:09 PM 10/29/2005
Last updated: 11:09 PM 10/29/2005