Knicker Suits: Jacket Styles

Figure 1.--This American boy had his portrait taken, probably in the mid-1920s. He wears a Norfolk jacket. It is not as elaboratelty styled as some Norfolk jackets we have seen. This biy looks to be about 14 years old.

Knickers suits had jackets or coats done in various styles. A factor here was that at first in the mid-19th century blomer knickers were worn by younger boys in a variety of juvenile styled suits. Only later did older boys begin wearing knicker suits. The popularity of these different styles varied over time. One of the most popular styles was the Norfolk jacket. Norfolk jackets were detailed variously, but had the destinctive features of pleats, self belys, and pockets. The jackets were also done in the single and double-breasted style. The precise cut of the lapels and other features varied over time. These suit jacket styles were essentially the same as those worn with kneepants until after World War I when kneepants went out of style and boys began wearing short pants.


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