Suspender Shorts: Japan

Figure 1.--Japanese schoolboys generally do not wear suspender shorts, but suspender skirts are very common for the girls.

HBC still has very little information on suspender shorts in Japan. I have noted younger children wearing suspender shorts. School age children wear them less commonly. Boys commonly have worn short pants, although has changed considerably since the mid-1990s, however, they generally do not wear suspender shorts. Notably, girls at Japanese schools wear suspender skirts, but boys generally do not wear suspender shorts. HBC's Japanese consultant reports that some private elementry schools have suspender shorts for their uniform, but it is rather rare. He confirms that suspender skirts for girls are very common throughout Japan. AnAmerican reader writes, "Some younger schoolboys in Japan were wearing suspenders with their shorts when I last visited there in ????. They weren't suspender shorts as such, just shorts held up by clip-on suspenders. I've seen the same thing on preschool-aged Japanese boys here in California. Japanese-American boys wouldn't be dressed like that as they're thoroughly assimilated, so these boys must be from Japan."


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Created: March 2, 2000
Last updated: December 10, 2003