Trouser Suspension: Bib-front Long Pants--Conventions

Figure 1.--Bib-front pants have become a stylish look for children in the 2000s. Here we see a French boy in 2004.

Early bib-front long pants were like overalls and had a utilitarian image for younger boys. They were a play outfit. They were not commonly worn to school as they were primarily worn by pre-school boys. The exception of course was bib-front overalls. They were very commonly worn to school by boys in rural America during the early 20th century. They generally disappeared aftyer World war II as boys in ruralmamerica began dressing like city boys. The character of bib-front pants changed in the late 20th century. They lost the exclusively utilitarian image and can now be found in even stylish shops selling children clothes. They are popular for both boys and girls in America. We are less sure about Europe, but do notice them in France.


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Created: 5:12 AM 1/7/2005
Last updated: 5:12 AM 1/7/2005