H-bar Trouser Chronology: The 1920s

Figure 1.--Here we see a Germany family, probably in the 1920s. The photograph is undated, but the large hair bows suggest the 1920s to us. The early 30s, however, is possible. The boys wear H-bar shorts and the girls suspender skirts. Skirts at the time were also done with h-bars.

We see H-bar pants being commonly worn in the 1920s after World War I. Most of the images we have found are German. We believe, however, that H-bar shorts were worn throuhout central Europe and even in the Soviet Union. Strangely while the Soviet Union was withdrawing from the wider European market economy, we see many German styles in Soviet children's clothes during the 1920s H-bar shorts was one of them. They do not seem very common in America or Britain. Here we see the children of a German family probably in the late 1920s wearing h-bar shorts and suspender skirts (figure 1). We note a German boy, probably in the 1920s. We note a boy at a Czech school wearing an H-bar attachment on his pants in 1922. (This might be a 1912 image, but we think it is 1922.). The number of dated impages we have been able to find are limited, but we seem to note many more H-bar images from the late eather than the early 1920s.


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Created: 8:18 PM 1/21/2006
Last updated: 8:18 PM 1/21/2006