Buster Brown Suits: Collars

Figure 1.--This American boy about 1915 wears a Buster Brown suit. I'm not sure what color it was. Notice the white collar and bow. Click on the image to see another American boy in 1917. It may be the same boy, but we are not positive.

The classic Buster Brown suits wore worn with a broad white collar. This white collar is one of the most important characteristic feature of a Buster Brown suit. The white collar worn with a Buster Brown suit was always a wide white one. The size of the collars varied, but some were quite large. The style of the collar varied. The two most populsr styles were the Peter Pan and the Eton style. Given the large bows worn with these collars, it is not always possible to determine what style of collar was being worn. It was never, however, a lace or ruffled collar. Some boyswore tunic suits with ruffled and lace trim, but this was not a style of detailing worn with Buster Brown suits. Some Buster Brown suits had sailor collars rather than the classic wide white collar. The sailor collars while common, were not the classic style. Bows were always added with the wide white collars.


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Created: January 29, 2004
Last updated: January 29, 2004