Vintage Little Lord Fauntleroy Blouses

Figure 1.--This is an actual Little Lord Faintleroy blouse worn by a young boy in the late 19th century. Click on the image for more details.

HBC primarily has used actual period photographs to illustrate the various style pages. While these are the most useful images, they have some drawbacks. Often the photograph is taken at some distance to get a full view of the boy or family group, thus losing detail. In other instances the garment might be covered up or obscured. Un the case of Fauntleroy blouses, they are often covered by the boy's jacket. Also the old black and white photographs do not show colors. For these and other reasons, we also archive actual modern photographs of actual blouses from museums and private collections. Old clothing like this, both used and unused, is called vintage clothing.

Lacy White Blouse

The blouse pictured here was avertized on e-Bay. It is a white, light-weight linen or cotton with cut-work lace trim. Clearly a late-19th centiry Little Lord Fauntleroy blouse, as the sellers says, " for good little boys!!" It is handmade with full square collar, french style cuffs, and double-ruffled trim button-front placket--all trimmed with ruffled,cutwork lace. There are 5 tiny flat pearly buttons on the front and none on the cuffs. The bottom has a fabric drawstring. It was purchased at an estate sale. Also sold was a large, framed photo of boy twins, wearing this and a matching blouse and velvet suits. Unfortunately the portrait was sold separetly.

Square Collar White Blouse

This vintage boy’s Fauntleroy blouse looks to have been made in the 1890s or early 1900s. It was for a younger boy, about 3-4 years old. There are tucks down the front. The collar is in the destinctive square form. Both the collars and cuffs and front are trimmed with beautiful ruffled and inserted eyelet lace. There are mother of pearl buttons. There is also a front breast pocket.

Fauntleroy Blouse

Here we see a Fauntleroy blouse made with a large square collar. The collar is large, but not as large or fancu as some we have seen. This blouse is interesting in that it was peserved with the black Fauntleroy suit with which it was worn.


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Created: August 3, 2001
Last updated: 9:01 PM 10/30/2004