Little Lord Fauntleroy Suits: Theatrical Productions

Figure 1.--This is a scene from the silent "Little Lord Fauntleroy film produced in 1926 with Mary Pickford playing the lead tole.

Mrs. Burnett taking advantage of the success of her book launched into theatrical productions which proved to be enormously successful. After the turn of the century, movie productions appeared. The first was in the 1920s, but there have been many subsequent productions.

Stage Productions

Following up on the success of her book in 1886, Mrs. Burnett immediately began to produce a stage production which proved enormously successful in London and Paris as well as elsewhere in Europe. The boys went with her to Europe and were erolled in schools there. She was soon involved in law suits against unauthorized productions. The costuming in these plays involved very elaborate, frilly Fauntleroy suits and ringlet curls.

Movies and Television

Latter in the 20th century there were many movie and television productions of Mrs. Burnett's classic story. Most were serious productions. Movie producers have dealt with the costuming in different ways. Some productions have even put Cedric in modern clothes. Parodies eventually appeared, but in the 19th Century Little Lord Fauntleroy was considered serious literature, admired by British prime ministers and American presidents.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: October 2, 2002
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