Underwear Manufacturers: Carter's

Figure 1.--This Carter's ad appeared in 1951. This clever ad showed a boy in white briefs and t-shirt practicing archery. A boy in Robin Hood costume in the background explains the allusion.

Carter's was an important American manufacrurwe of underwear. We have only limited information on the company. We notice ads for boy's briefs in the 1940s. Here we see a Carter's ad for briefs in 1951 (figure 1). We are not sure when the company began making underwear. Carter's is still an active company, but we think of it as more of a company making infantwear. We notice a lot of advertisements for Carter's infant and toddler clothes. We still notice advertisements for Carter's underwear. We note Penney's handles Carter's underwear, but it appears to be toddler and chikldren's underwear. The company now describes itself as, "For kids, there's nothing quite so comforting as donning a Carter's sleeper and climbing into a lap. In addition to producing babies' and children's sleepwear." Carter's Holdings (formerly Carter Holdings and the William Carter Company) is a leading US maker of brand-name apparel for fashionable babies and children. Its principal products include newborn layette clothing, sleepwear, and playwear; it also licenses its name for underwear, strollers, toys, and shoes. Carter's in 2004 markets its products under names such as Carter's and Tykes through department and specialty stores and nearly 170 company outlet stores nationwide. After acquiring Carter's holdings in 2001, Berkshire Partners took the company public in 2003.


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