Underwear Manufacturers: Chalmers

Figure 1.--This is a Chalmers ad for "Porosknit" underwear sressing a guarantee. we are not sure where it appeared or in what year. We would guess the 1910s.

The manufacturer of the brand "Porosknit" underwear is Chalmers. We do not have nuch information on country history. The company received the patent in 1903 so we know they were active at thst time. We note several of their ads throughout the 1910s. The earliest we have found is a Ladies Home Journal advertisement in 1911. Another example is a Literary Digest ad in 1917. The company made shirts and knee-length drawers. We do not yet have much information on this company. The firm is the Chalmers Knitting Co. of Amsterdam, New York. They also made "Spring Needle Ribbed Underwear for Winter. All of the available information is from the 1910s. The full page ads that we have noted suggest that Chalmers was a substantial company. A reader writes, "Notice that the clothes were for summer and required suspender waist or garter waist to hold up outer clothes such as knickers and long stockings especially from what we know of the 1910 era. So the main purpose of the under clothes was to beat the heat. Also notice the tie back, I can only guess that elastic such as rubber was too expensive or did not last very long or both."


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Created: 10:36 PM 3/17/2005
Last updated: 1:31 AM 3/19/2005