Underwear Manufacturers: EZ Mills

Figure 1.--The 1952 E-Z ad shows a father with his two sons wearing similarly styled underwear. Here, however, the man and boys wear white tee-shirts rather than sleeveless undershirts. The boys wear thigh-length knitted briefs while the father wears ankle-length knitted underwear, but boys could wear either the short-legged or the long-legged style.

One source indicates that the company was located in Carterville, Geoggia. This may have been where their mill was located. The company appears to have been incorporated in New York. The product line over time included juvenile anb boys' sportswear, including pullover seweaters and bllouses, T-shirts, briefs, trunks, and outer and under shorts. We are not sure when EZ Mills was founded. It appears to have been an important company during the 1920s and 30s. We note quite a few magazine advertisements. There major competitor seems to have been Nazareth. An advertisement for E-Z Waist Suits in Parents' Magazine [October, 1930, p. 72.] Note that the girl's suit is sleeveless while the boy's suit has short sleeves. I believe, however, that both styles are for either boys or girls. These suits appear to have no reinforcement straps and are therefore, strictly speaking, untaped union suits rather than waist union suits. See the Hanes advertisement in the Parents' Magazine group, which gives options for both waist union suits with strap reinforcements and untaped union suits. The company seems to have been initially the E-Z Waist Company. The name was apparently changed to E-Z Mills, peresumably because waists were going out of style. We notice EZ Mills ads into the 1950s. The ad here in 1952 shows "T"-shirts and a kind of shorts-style underwear rather than briefs which were more common (figure 1). The company also made singlets and briefs. The company appears to be operating into the 1960s, but we do not notice adverisements. A 1992 report indicated that the trade mark registry was not renewed and is considered to be expired.


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