Clothing and Costumes Worn by Child Actors: E

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Information about child actors also provodes a great deal of fashion information. Both clothes these children wore as well as the costumes they wore in their films and shows provide much valuable information. These childrens often dressed very fashionably so information about them provides insights into contemprary fashions. The costumes they wore in films also provides useful information--although it must be treated more cautiously.HBC is preparing an alphabetical listing of child actors in movies, plays, and television.

Eccles, Teddy - (United States)

Quite a moving performance in "My Side of the Mountain." He also appeared on the Daniel Boone TV show.

Edner, Bobby - (United States, 1988?- )

Bobby Edner has appeared in many TV shows and a few feature films. He has worn all kinds of typical American clothes, and in a recent film, a complete soccer uniform. He appeared in the Alien Ant Farm video of "Smooth Criminal" dress in 2000 style boys clothes, baggy T-shirt, black knee length shorts and crew socks. He wore a copy of the young boy's (Matthew Garber) clothes in a funny "Mary Poppins" sketch in a recent "Mad TV' episode. You can also see him in a Toyota commercial with Steve Young, the ex San Francisco 49er player. By all accounts he is a charming and talented young man.

Eisenmann, Ike - (United States)

Christopher Wagner

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Created: October 17, 2000
Last updated: October 24, 2001