Il Ferroviere - (Italy, 1956)

Figure 1.--Here we have a scene from "Il Ferrviere". We are not quite sure what is going on here.

We do not know very much about this Italian film. A longtime locomotive engineer s blamed for an accident and demoted to a yardman. This is an Italian film entitled " Il Ferroviere ". It was shown in English as "The Railroad Man" and " Man of Iron ". The film was made by Pietro Germi and Luisa Della Noce . Pietro Germi (1914-1974) was after World War II one of the most popular film makers, but is today not very popular because he is not considered politically correct by Italy's left-wing film industry. Hi most famous film is"Divore Italian Style" (1962). "Il Ferroviere" was one of his Neo-realist films. A group of children is inplved in the film as seen in the scenbe here (figure 1). The clothing seems an acurate depiction of 1950s children's clothing. We have not seen the film/ Hopefull a reader who has seen the film will provide us some information.


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Created: 2:33 AM 11/10/2004
Last updated: 2:33 AM 11/10/2004