Movie Depictions of Boys Clothes: Styles--Rompers

Figure 1.--The boy in "Life is Beautiful" mostly appeared in rompers. I believe he was susposed to be 5-6 years old. We believe that rompers were a popular style for Italian boys, but have little information at this time.

Rompers in the early 20th century were widely worn by boys. They continued to be wor by boys in France through the 1950s. This is, however a stule that very rarely appeared in films and even then almost always as beinfg worn by boys in the background. An example here is the British film "Children of the Damed" (1964). The only film Iknow of in which a main charcter wore rompetrs was the Italian film "Life is Beautiful" (1998). They probably were worn in American silent films during the 1920s, but I am unfamilar with them. They probably appeared in European films. Hopefully some of our European readers can provide information here.


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Created: April 14, 1998
Last updated: October 20, 2003