American Movie Reviews: They All Come Out (United States, 1939)

Figure 1.-- This is a scene from Jacques Tourneur first American feature film, 'They all come out'. We do not know who the boy was. He weara a swabbie cap. striped long-sleeved 'T'-shirt, and bib-front overalls. They look like cords.

We do not yet know much about 'They all com out'. We do know that it was the first feature film made by Jacques Tourneur in the United States. His previous work was a series of MGM short features (1930s). The film began as short documentary on federal prisons. Tourneur actually filmed in different federal prisons. Louis B. Mayer was so impressed with the finished short that he asked for 20 more minutes--something like an experimental half feature. Tourneur working with John Higgins decided to add a story line which changed it from a documentary to a plot-based film. It is about a convicted youth that serves his sentence and then after release tries to resume a normal life. His former friends plan another crime and drag him into it. Tourneur filmed it and showed it to Mayer. And Mayer liked it so much that he asked for an additional half hour which made it a feature film. Tourneur and Higgins came up with the additional scenes and wove it ihjto what they already had.


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Created: 11:15 PM 5/11/2011
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