Alphabetical Movie Listings: "Ta-Tf"

Figure 1.--Tommy Rettig played in the 1850 film "Tender Hours"--an early 20th century costume commedy. Note the Eton collar, knicker suit, and dark long stockings.

You can also slect the movies available on HBC by using this alphabetical movie listing. At this time only a few movies have been analized by HBC for clothing information, but more pages are being added all the time.

Table for Five - (US,1983)

A divorced man returns to take a more active role in the upbringing of his children. He takes them on a Mediterranean cruise. The younger boy is quite sweet and occasionally wears leisure shorts. He can't understand his father's interest in women.

Tad - (US,1994?)

Made for TV movie about Lincoln's children. The younger boy Tad (Bug Hall) wears knickers, but his older brother Willie wears longs. Tad's outfits are not rather plain. but availalbe photographiv images suggest that was the way he was dressed. Near the end of the film his velvet suit has a lace collar, but with long pants. I'm not at all sure that Tad Lincoln ever wore an outfit like that. Tad also appears in a night dress.

Tail of a Tiger - (US)

A 12-year old boy dreams of becoming a flyer. He is devastated.

Take Me to Town - (US,1953)

A lady con artist on the run from the law meets a minister and his three motherless children.

Tales of the Apple Dumpling Gang -

Keith Mitchell

Tall Stories - (Portugal)

Miguel is sent to his aunt's sea side hotel for shirking his studies. What he winds up learning about life has little to do with his studies.

Tall Tale - (US,1995)

A Disney film where thrifty farm folk fight off railroad barons with appearances from Pecos Bill, Paul Bunyan, and the blue ox. A boy, Daniel (Nick Stahl), is fed up with the family farm, but is impressed when his father stands up to the railroad. Nick gives a rather bland performance. No interesting costumes.

Tanned Legs - (US,1929)

A young lady attempts to straighten out the wayward antics of her troublesome family (boys?) at a seaside resort.

Taps - (US,1981)

Improbable story about a military school starring Timothy Hutton. Mostly older boys are involved.

Tarzan: Unknown Film - (US. 192?)

There were several Tarzan films made as silents. We do not have a list of the films. There were different actors who played Tarzan. One of the most impressive was James Pierce, a particulasrly importasnt Tarzan. He not only appeared in the movies, but married the daughter of the author, Edgar Rice Burrougs. Pierce and Joan Burroughs married in 1928. The two became very well known because they starred on the populat Tarzan radio series. We note a still with Boy Scouts, but are not sure of the film it came from.

Tarzan and the Amazons - (US,1945)

Tarzan becomes involved with an all woman tribe. Johnny Sheffield.

Tarzan and the Huntress - (US,1947)

Johnny Sheffield.

Tarzan and the Jungle Boy - (US,1968)

Tarzan and a journalist search for a boy who has been living in the jungle for 7 years since his genealogist father drowned.

Tarzan and the Leopard Women - (US, 1946)

Johnny is getting quite grown up in this one, but still boyishly sweet. The story includes another boy, not nearly as engaging an actor as Johnny Sheffield. He betrays Tarzan, but in the end redeems himself. He doesn't wear a loin cloth, but a cloth wrap.

Tarzan and the Slave Girl - (US, 1950)

Tarzan comes to the aid of a small village afflicted with a strange disease. Boy is gone, but a sick young prince has a small role.

Tarzan and the Valley of Gold - (US, 1966)

The chief of police and a professor join Tarzan to find a boy kidnapped by gangsters. The boy's murdered guardian held the secret to a fortune in gold.

Tarzan Finds a Son! - (US, 1939)

First of the Tarzan series with Boy played by Johnny Sheffield. Boy is discretely introduced as the only survivor of an airplane crash so as not to offend the sensibilities of the time. Jane and Tarzan were never officially married. Tsk! Tsk!

Tarzan Triumphs - (US, 1943)

Tarzan rescues Boy from the NAZIs. At one point the evil NAZIs have both Tarzan and Boy securely bound hand and foot. I think this is one of the better Tarzan movies with Boy. It is quite delightful to see him frolicking about in his little loincloth. He even stands on his head in one scene. Johnny Sheffield.

Tarzan's Desert Mystery - (US, 1943)

Tarzan sets off to capture a nefarious band of NAZIs. Boy (Johnny Sheffield) has a particularly large role on this episode.

Tarzan's New York Adventure - (US, 1942)

There are some scenes with Boy at the beginning of the movie. Then he is kidnapped and taken to New York. A big game hunter thinks he can make money by capitalizing on boy's ability to handle animals. As it is an American movie he is outfitted in long pants. Why couldn't he have been taken to London. Quite disappointing. You would think that after he was rescued, at the very least, Jane could have togged him out in a sissy suit or a least short pants. I can just see him grimacing at such indignities. But no such luck. After he is rescued it is straight back to the jungle. Johnny Sheffield.

Tarzan of the Apes - (US, 1918)

Silent film shot just 4 years after the Edgar Rice Burroughs 'Tarzan of the Apes' was first published Burroughs' tremendouslu popular Tarzan books. It was the very first Tarzan film and made for very good move fare. The film follows the original novel more closely than the subsequent versions. This was the case with several early book adaptations which often faitfully follwing the book text. The orphaned infant is raised by apes. It only depicts the first part of Burroughs' novel. The rest was kept for a sequel--perhaps the first important film sequel --'The Romance of Tarzan'. The film is considered the most faithful to the novel of all the film adaptations. Its most obvious plot adapttion being the introduction of the character Binns and his role in bringing the Porters to Africa. Burroughs' brought them to Africa through the improbable coincidence of a second mutiny. Apparently the director wanted a more logigal plot. Elmo Lincoln played the adukt Tarzan. Gordon Griffith plyed Tarzan as a boy.

Tarzan the Ape Man - (US, 1981)

The Richard Harris/Bo Derrick version.

Tarzan's Savage Fury - (US, 1952)

Predictable Tarzan episode, a relative of Tarzan's searches for him in the jungle. Entirely new cast from the 1930s-40s. Boy's replacement attired like his predesor in a loin cloth. I'm not sure who he is though.

Tarzan's Secret Treasure - (US, 1941)

Tarzan finds himself forced to lead an expedition to find the secret source of gold. Johnny Sheffield is delightful in this one with his impish grin and curly locks. He wears a loin cloth. As in most episodes he gets bound up by the evil doers and is rescued by Tarzan. He has a little black friend in this episode.

(De) Tasjesdief - (Dutch, 1995)

This film is "De tasjesdief" (The Bag Snatcher) was made in the Netheralnds during 1995. It is about, Alex, a 12-year old school boy. Both his parents are busy with their job therefore Alex spends lots of time with his grandma whom he calls Rose. One day he finds her house raided, his grandma tied and gagged. She makes him promise not to tell anybody for fear that she would end up in an old people’s home. The villains are Evert and Lucas, two teenagers with emotional problems. They have been abandoned by their father and their stepfather bullies them. Now Alex has to deal with them.

Taxi Zun Klo - (German)

Deals with the bittersweet life of a young gay teacher. In has a scene in which one of the teacher's private pupils comes to his apartment for tutoring. The boy tries to get a better grade, but is sent packing.

Tea and Sympathy - (US, 1956)

A sensitive prep school student develops a special relationship with the wife of a housemaster.

Tea with Mussolini - (Italy/U.S., 1999)

This film is an international production. Entertaining film about eldely English women interned by the Italians as enemy aliens during World War II. Mussolini staid out of the War until France was largely defeated and then declared war on Btitain and France to get a share of the spolis. It islosely based on actual events. Eventually American women are also interned, one of who is Cher playing a racy Jewish woman. The ladies are helped by a boy nammed Lucca with a British father and an unmarried Italian mother. He grows up in Italy and is costumed in school smocks and suspender shorts. He is sent for a while to a NAZI school in Austria. I'm not sure if that is depicted, a I didn't see the brginning of the film. Lucca appear back in Italy wearing a knickers suit and sets out to assist the English ladies. He is very nicely played by Brad Wallace.

Teacher, Teacher - (US, 1969)

Emmy award winning drama about a mentally disabled boy's struggle for independence and the invaluable aid of a compassionate teacher. Billy Schulman.

Tender Hours - (US, 1950)

Film about a daughter (played by Debbie Reynolds) trying to convince her family that she is growing up. This film included a young Tommy Rettig who plays a little brother. Tommy wears an Eton collar, knicker suit, and dark long stockings.The film was set in the early 1900s. Also known as Two Weeks with Love.

Tender Mercies - (US, 1983)

A former country singing star who has ruined his career with alcohol, falls in love and tries to come back. The young woman has a son, but he has only a small part. Nothing of special interest concering costuming. Stars Robert Duval.

Tender Warrior - (US, 1971)

A boy sets out to stop an ornery family of moonshiners from trapping animals.

Tendres Cousines - (France, 1981)

A budding love affair between Julien, a handsome 14 year old boy, and his 15 year old cousin. But Julien finds that he is sought after by all the girls in the village when all the men are mobilized at the beginning of World War II.

Terminator 2: Judgement Day - (US, 1991)

There is a boy in this sequel, played by Edward Furlong. He looks to be about 13 or so.

Terms of Endearment - (US, 1983)

A real tear jearker of a movie. The movie is about the relationship between a mom and her daughter. The daughter becomes a really sweet mom with engaging kids. Unfortunately she contracts terminal cancer. There is an especially moving scene where she says goodby to the two boys. The boys have some fairly extensive scenes. The older boy is about 11 or so. The younger boy (Huckleberry Fox) is about 7 or so. He wears the bangs that were popular in the 1980s. His mother complains mildly that he and his brother need their hair cut. Both boys play their parts beautifully. There are no elaborate costumes, but a good view of common 1980s American styles. The boys appear in suits at the end of the film. There is a brief scene where they are in swimsuits. Huckleberry wears the tank type, unusual for an American boy.

(The) Terrorist - (1983)

African terrorist attack a family farm. The mother and father are killed, but they hold a lovely blond boy, about 11 years old. He is first seen in a smart longpants suit going to church.

Terrorvission - (US, 1986)

Uninteresting movie about a family which confronts slimy aliens transported to the U.S. via television. The only bright point is the family son played by "Our House's" Chad (Atkins?). He wears fatigues.

Tex - (US, 1982)

S.E. Hinton's novel serves as the basis for this story about a teenager experiencing the pitfalls of growing up in a parentless environment. Matt Dillon, Jim Metzler.

Tex Rides With the Boy Scouts - (US, 1937)

Tex Ritter movie. Tex Ritter was a singing cowboy. He was future TV star John Ritter's father. Unfortunately HBC knows nothing about this film. HBC would be interested in any details HBC readers could provide.


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