Boys Costumes Depicted in Television Shows: Up Stairs, Down Stairs (England: 1970s-80s)

Figure 1.--This cast portrait shows the "Up-stairs Down-stairs" cast in the final inter-war series. Two children wee added ro the cast.

Well known British drama about early 20th century England. This remarkable, long running series included a great deal of accurate information about clothing and life style. It was, however, of relatively little help to HBC as the main charcters were all adults. Thus changed in the final episodes set after World War I when twio children were added to the cast. Some of the inter-war episodes had a boy named William and his sister Allice. William, Jonathan Seely, was often dressed nicely, including a sailor suit. Actually he was quite a big boy, I'd say 12 or 13, but he played 8-year old William. They had him in quite juvenile clothes: grey sailor suit, white knee socks, and red sandals. His shorts were usually quite long. He often wore a little boy style overcoat along with it. He had juvenile roles and lines. I have always wondered what the boy thought of his role. He is sent off to school in a very manly looking long pants suit. The girl was also quite old for the part she played. I'd say she was 13 or 14 and they had her in the most ridiculously juvenile short dresses. One episode was devoted primarily to the children. Unfortunately William leaves for school, but then Alice is left in the clutches of a mean governess. Fireworks follow. Interestingly enough William got along with the governess.

Other Media Recreations

1900 House was the first of several recreations of homes set in various historical periods. These programs contain a great deal of inforation about clothing as well as life style which HBC readers may find of interest.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: April 26, 2002
Last updated: April 26, 2002