Uniformed Youth Group Art: Individual Illustrators--Norman Rockwell (America, 1894-1978)

Figure 1.--Norman Rockwell drew many illustrations of Scouting. Some del with small details are personal experiences. Others like this one have powerful patriotic messages.

Scouting was of course founded in England. It did not take long to cross the Atlantic. American Scouting was founded when Norman Rockwell was 16 years old and they were his passion. His chance to be a good Scout came in 1924, when he created his first Boy Scout Calendar. From 1924 to 1974, in all but two years, he painted calendars for the Boy Scout organization. He also did many images for Boys Life, the BSA Scouting magazzine. The images he produced are some of the most enduring and moving depictions of scouting, not only in America, but around the world. Norman Rockwell is of course the most famous American illustrator to work on Scouting. He painted many well-regarded images of Scouts over his long career. All of the most famous illustrations of American Scouting were created by Norman Rockwell. He began his work on couting from the earliest days of the movement. Many were published in the Saturday Evening Post and are instantly recoginzeable to Americans who have never been involved in the Scouting movement. The images range from individual expeiences to highly patrioic displys.


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Created: December 5, 2003
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