French Boy Scout Uniforms: Drawings

Figure 1.--Pierre Jobert's drawings of French Scouting provide a feeling for the spirit of the movement that are often lacking in photographs.

HBU has for most countries had to rely primarily on photographs to illustrate French Scout uniforms. Photographs provide the most accurate view of uniforms, especially the details of the various uniforms worn in the different French Scout associations. They often do not, however, convey the spirit and activities pursued by the Scouts. Just as Normal Rockwell beautifully illustrated the spirit of American Scouting. Pierre Jobert in France did much to illustrate the spirit of French Scouting in the 1950s and 60s. His drawings still are widely used bt French Scouts even though the uniforms they wear have largely changed.

Joubert is of course best known for his Scouting drawings. In his obituary, the respected Paris newspaper Le Monde referred to him as "l'illustrateur du scout modèle," (the illustrator of the model or ideal Scout). He drew numerous pictures for Boy Scout literature. His drawings show French Scouts happily hiking through the country, their banners proudly displayed. The boys commonly wear the berets and short pants that characterized French Scouts at the time. He became the more or less the "official" illustrator of scouts in France for many decades. He did so much of this and over such a long period that he has even been credited with influencing the actual 'look' of scouts in France (and Belgium).

Christopher Wagner

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Created: November 15, 1998
Last updated: June 19, 2002