National Cub Scout Uniforms: Peru

Figure 1.--Here we see some Peruvian Cubs in 2007. They wear basically the same uniform as the Scouts. Neither the Cubs or Scouts wear caps.

The Asociación de Scouts del Perú (ASP) is the national Scouting organization. Scoutibng in Peru was founded in 1911 and was among the charter members of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (1922). It is a very small Scouting movement. We have been able to find very little information on Cubbing in Peru. We believe that both the Cubs and Scouts continue to be an all boy movement with aseparte Guidevassociation for girls. Our information may be dated as we see Scouts and Guides wearing very similar uniforms. The Cub and Scout uniform also seems similar. Cureently it is a bright blue shirt. Caps are not currently worn.


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Created: 5:53 PM 10/29/2008
Last updated: 5:53 PM 10/29/2008