Australian Boy Scout Uniforms: Scouts Garments

Figure 1.--Australian Scout here are working on an orienteeering problem. They wear the uniform adopted in the 1990s. Note the boy in the back still wearing the old style shorts.

Australian Scouts have used the traditional Scout uniform items. There have been some changes over time. We have little information on early Australian Scout unifor garments. The photographs we have seen look like the early Broitish Scout unifirm garments. Scouts continued to wear the traditional lemon squeezer hats somewhat longer than Scouts in other countries. The traditional hats we have seen have varied somewhat. Some seem to have a more pointed crown than many of these hats that we have seen. A flat type bush hat the Scouts here are wearing was adopted in the 1990s (figure 1). The only Scout garment that we have noted that is unique to Australia is a wide brimmed hat with a flat top. The Scouts in the 1980s wore tan shirts and matching short pants. Not only have the colors of the shirts changed over time, but so have the badges worn on the shirts. A new uniform was adopted in the 1990s with dark brown shorts.


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