South African Boy Scout Uniforms: Scouting Memories

Figure 1.--The South African Scouts are at the airport ready to leave for the 1999 World Janboree in Chile. Many Scouters report fond memories of jamborees and camps.

Scouting memories last a bot his entire life. They often leave lasting menories. South African Scouters have many fond memories of their years in Scouting. Here arr some of the thoughts of several Scouters looking back. They provide interesting insights on South African Scouting and the activities the boys enjoyed and remenmbered over time.

Cub to Queen Scout

It's great to find a South African Scout page!!! I was connected to the Movement for many years in my youth. 1st Inanda Scout Group in Red Hill Durban South Africa. Actually the very first Scout Group in South Africa founded in 1908. After starting as a Cub in (probably) 1947 I progressed to Scouting becoming a Queen Scout in 1954. then the Scoutmaster during the Golden anniversary year,1958. Sorry but work pressures and various transfers overseas resulted in me losing direct contact with the Movement. It was my pleasure to be present for the Troop's Diamond Jubilee with my three son, also Scouts , in 1979. How great it was to meet many of my old friends and the boys who were Scouts when I ran the Troop who had grown into fine young men, some still connected with the movement. I look forward to being at the Centenary celebration of the Troop in 2008!!!!! What happy memories I have of the week ends I spent at the old BP Camp in Burman Drive with such great people as Hawkeye and Twigs -- probably gone to the Great Jamboree in the Sky- such wonderful Scouting people.I still think of myself as a Scout.


I am writing my second success motivation book and want to add a chapter on the influence of Scouting and Girl Guides on the modern leader. Please submit a short profile on the effects that your involvement has had on your career, relationships and in particular the present day outcome on your leadership style. Your examples and success stories are welcome. I was a Springbok Scout back in the early 1970's and served in the SA Navy for some 5 years. While there I did a rough survey and found that over 40% of my fellow officers were Scouts at some or other stage. I believe the outcome of this survey and the inclusion in the book will substantiate my belief that Scouts and Guides make better leaders.

Sout Activity Memories

I started as a Cub at Nyanisweni 1st Pack (Umlazi) from 1973 to 1976. In 1977 I joined 1st Mafumbuka Troop (Umlazi) until 1981. I then joined 1st Menzi Troop (Umlazi) from 1982 to 1983. Scouting has been part of me for 10 years, from grade 1 to 12. I will always cherish the memories of our hikes, camps and singing around the campfire. Sometimes I can still hear the voice of the late Mr M.O. Shange (USiba) chanting the slogans, B R A V O !! I am proud to say that I am what I am today because of Scouting. I am currently the Database Administrator at the University of Durban-Westville.

Souting around South Africa

I started my Scouting at 1st Claremont as a Cub in 1957. I was a Scout and Rover there, as well as Scoutmaster for two years. In 1976 I left Cape Town, and was involved in Scouting around SA in various capacities after that. I was ASM/SM of 1st Grahamstown for a couple of years, then moved to the Transkei, where I held various positions in the then newly-formed Transkei Area, including DC for Umtata, AAC (Adult training) and a short stint as Area Comm. That was follwed by a stint in Kwazulu/Natal where I was DC Queensburgh) and later LA Chairman (Zululand). I now live in Port Elizabeth, where I am in the Maths. Dept. at UPE.

Cubs and Scouts

I went to cubs at the 1st Westville pack in Westville in the late 60's. John Stevens was the scoutmaster and his son Ian was my best friend a in cubs with me too. Ian where are you now ? Remember Jambouree of the Air in the cub bowl! Later (early 70's) I was one of the first members of 4th Westville scout troop, other scouts were Howard 'Dusty' Tuckett (Bulldogs Patrol), George Pratt (Owl Patrol), Tim Crow, Craig Hilton-Taylor and I was patrol leader for the Cheetah patrol with Steven Bent as seconder and Alister Morrish and Steve Viveros. We enjoyed raft races at Midmar Dam and in Durban harbour. Troop also went camping at Shongweni and also did PLTU camp at Lexden in Pietremaritzberg. Also remember cooking for cubs at B.P. park in Durban. It rained all weeekend! Now we live in the USA and my son is a cub in the local pack. Scouting is very different here, much less emphasis on the outdoors (too much snow). Pack meeting are held in the evenings do not take place in the summer. (Most people are on vacation anyway).

Figure 2.--South African Scouts like many Scouts around the world wear berets as their official headgear.

Boksburg Scouting

I would love to hear from anyone involved in Boksburg Scouting from 1979-1994.I started off with 1st Boksburg cubs in 1979 with Brenda Saviour,and then moved on to 3rd Boksburg (Impala)with the late Inge Cook in 1982 when she identified a need for a pack in the Impala Park area of Boksburg.I attained my Leaping Wolf and was then the first scout to be enrolled into the troop in 1983, when my dad(Rob Tweedale/Walrus) and Peter Britz (Panther)formed the troop as we did not have one. I attained my Springbok Scout in 1988 and my Chief Scout in 1989.After doing my stint in the SADF I then went on to help 5th Boksburg with Gordon Latham/Janet Smith until 1994. I recall fondly the night hikes out at Spieskloof in Nigel , the Cycle Rally's at Owls Nest ,the annual Kontiki event where if it did not rain then it was not Kontiki,the hikes to the Drakensburg organised by Panther,the Pongola Bash organised by Jungle Mackay of 4th Boksburg in 1987, SANJAMB in 1989 at Midmar dam where tornado winds destroyed the marquee but not the spirit of the boys and girls there.The 'It's a Knockout" competition organised annually by 1st Boksburg was always good fun.

Scouting Memories

I was a scout in the 1st Morningside troop from 1979-1988 and a Troop leader from 1989-1993. I am presently in the US trying to wrap up my PhD in Aerospace Engineering. Scouting is one of my fondest memories from SA: from Friday night programs, to Kontiki Raft weekends and the Cedarberg Senior Scout Adventure. I wish I were out in the veld with a patrol on a night hike or other scouting event ...

Durban Scouting

Scouting greetings to anybody who reads this, I am an ex scout from 1st Glenashley in Durban during the early 1980s, and was very actively involved with Lexden PLTU in Pietermaritzburg.What a place, the memories are still as vivid as if they happened yesterday, great laughs, good campfires, and leadership training that has paid rewards over and over again. I have just got back from trekking in the Himalayas and my scouting experience paid off substantial dividends in making the experience a comfortable one. All my best to any other Lexdenites out there.

Brirish Bobby

7th Boksburg meeting at Sunward High in 1979. I did my despatch rider's badge by cycling around Boksburg spotting points of reference and remembering a message to be relayed later. Anyone know me at all? I'm now here in England - a British Bobby! I remember Cameron Park becoming the Owl's Nest, and people doing swimming badges in the Cinderella Dam. Luckily nobody drowned as there never seemed to be any safety measures! Hiking at Spieskloof in the Nigel area was great. I found an old rifle cartridge which Zulu our scoutmaster told me was from the Boer War. I never really believed him until a couple of years ago when I acquired a full clip of ammo from the widow of a Boer soldier - it's identical! Great days. Get in touch...

American Tranplant

was a scout with St.Thomas' 4th of Durban from about 1961 to 1965 when my parents returned to the USA. Very fond memories of meetings, campouts, competition camp, chalk rugby in the hall. Leader was a trumpet player named Mac. Would love to get a reference on my patrol leader Brent van der Vesthuisen. Other names I recall are Hugh Noble, David Pottinger and his brother. My brother Paul, and fellow American Mike Trumbull were also in the troop. Very fond memories of those formative years. Love to hear from anyone who was there. Incidentally, is there a website that has phone or address data for South Africa. So far all I've found is the yellow pages. I'm trying to find old pals from Overport School and DPHS.


I was the inaugural SM at Middelburg (Tvl) in 1979 and on a holiday there last year it was very gratifying to know that two of my initial Scouts (Colin and Greg Alford) were awarded their Springbok Scout awards. I wonder if there are any others who recall the 10 day Senior Venture in late 1978/early 1979 (I think?) held in the Witzenberg Mountains, near Ceres. As Middelburg's SL (Transvaal) I drove down with 4 boys and was assigned 9 other boys in Patrol 13 - an inauspicious start as we had 13 boys!! I have very fond memories of New Years Eve spent in a gorge - the base leaders had hiked in with some beers which were left to cool in the water and never has a beer tasted better. The various bases (loved clayshooting, water activities, bush survival and mountaineering)and the incredible organisation by the army made for a wonderful experience. I am now an ASL back with my old Tarragindi Troop here in Brisbane (Queensland) and lived in RSA from 1977 to 1983. Last w/e we took 20 Scouts from our troop (Tarragindi) on 64 km bike hike (29km on sat and 35km on Sun) - very successful.

KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) Scouting

My Name is Themba Parish (TP) Ndlazi. I was impressed to find your web site. Scouting was and is my second life to date. I have memories that are fresh still today. I was motivated by Mr. MO Shange “USIBA LWAMAVULANDLELA”, thereafter, “INDONSA YAMAVULANDLELA”. My last troop was 1st Edendale Troop. My SM was Mr. Mnguni and I was his ASM. Our troop won lots of competitions during the months of September, mostly e-Wembesi. My memories that will never fade in my life when I attended World jamboree in Canada late 70’s and secondly a venture somewhere in Cape Town Ceres Mountains."


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