Uniforms at Nineteeth World Boy Scout Jamboree: Chile

Figure 1.--These Chilean or Peruvian Scouts are performing a native American dance--probably Incan.

The 19th World Scout Jamboree was held in Chile from the December, 27 to January 6, 1999. Saturday 26th December 1998: It turns out that most of the Chileans after working none stop for days peparing for the Jamboree have gone home to their families for Christmas. It is Christmas day and 37 C. During the day more people start to arrive. Arriving Scoutd register and find out where we are camping. Sunday 27th December 1998: The participants start to arrive. Monday 28th December 1998: The day of the Opening Ceremony. 40,000 people gather together in the main arena to open the Jamboree. All these people with one thing in common. The atmosphere is just electric. Tuesday 29th December 1998 through to Tuesday 5th January 1999: The Tikal village holding about one third of the Jamboree participants. Scouts make lots of friends and experence the Jamboree. Thursday 31st January 1999: New years eve. The various national contingents celebrated their home New Year as the appropraite hour arrived. The many parties were fantastic as the Scouts had a good time singing and dancing together. We note many of the Scouts dressing rather casual, some with little attention to the uniform. Other were more formally dressed in the official uniform. One contingent that gave considerable attention to the unifotrm were the Zimbabwe Scouts.


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Created: June 10, 2000
Last updated: 4:54 AM 1/26/2005