United States Boy Scouts: World War I Activities--Liberty Bonds

Figure 1.--This is the best know Liberty Loan campaign poster honoring the Boy Scouts for their effort. It was also use for a 1918 "Saturday Evening Post" cover. I believe Norman Rockwell was the illustrator. He was hired as an illustrator for "Boys' Life" magazine in 1913. He was quickly promoted to art director.

Scouts played an important role in the war bond program. The bonds were called Liberty Bounds. I'm not sure just how they went about selling the bonds. I think they may have gone door to door. The boys sold over 2.4 million Liberty Loan bonds with a value of nearly $150 million. In addition they sold War Savings Stamps (WSS) totaling $53 million. This was a way to participate in the effort on a more modest level. Scouts during World War II sold savings stamps in schools. I'm not sure where they sold the stamps during World War I. The BSA approved ll kinds of medals and bars to honor the Scouts involved in selling bonds and stamps.


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