Artists Illustrating Boys' Fashions: Unknown Countries

Figure 1.--We believe this work was probably painted in the early 19th cebtury. The children's dress suggests northern Italy to us, but this is avery rough assessment. A complication is of course that the naruonality of the artist is not always the same as the subject matter.

We have found some paintings that we are unable to identify by country. American paintaings are relatively easy to identify. Identifying the natiinality of European paintings is often mych more comolicated. we will post paintings here that we have had difficulty idebtifying. Hopefully HBC readers will have some insights to offer.

Unidentified Artist

We are not sure in what country this oil work was painted (figure 1). It shows a boy and girl, presumably brother and sister, in a pastoral landscape scene. The girl is in a period dress, probably the early 19th century, although this is not necesarily when the painting was done. She is knitting socks while the boy sits patiently in his straw hat on a stone wall. At first the straw hat suggested the United Sates to us. We think that the quality of the painting is better than what might be expected from a naive artist. An American artist of this quality is more likely to be known. The stone wall also looks more European than American. The girl's dress, however, looks more European. We might guess northern Italy, but it could be from many other European coyntries as well.


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Created: 3:22 AM 12/11/2004
Last updated: 3:22 AM 12/11/2004