Emil Brack (Germany, 1899)

Figure 1.--This German school boy was photographed in the sailor suit that he wore to school. Note his satchel and other equipment. The portrait was taken in Augsburg during 1899. Image courtesy of the MD colection.

This German school boy was photographed in the sailor suit that he wore to school. He wears a sailor hait that looks rather like an English boater hat. His dark sailor suit buttons at the front and the "V" collar seems to have three emroidered dark stripes. The suit has kneepants which he wears with lighter colored long stockings. The boy has an elaborately emroidered white dickey, but I can't make out what the design is. I'm not sure how his hair was cit, but it looks rather close cropped. His name was Emil Brack. We do not know a great deal about Emil, except where the portrait was taken. He looks to be well outfitted for school so we assumed his family lived in comfortable circumstannces. Emil looks like a younger primary school boy, but it probably was not his first day of school. Note his book satchel and other equipment, including a slate complete with what looks like a sponge eraser for the slate. There is also a wooden pencil case. He certainly looks well equipped for the school day. The portrait was taken in Augsburg, Bavaria during 1899.


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Created: November 12, 2002
Last edited: November 11, 2003